Company Introduction

Zhangjiagang Hesheng Glass Co. Ltd holds a famous position as tempered glass manufacturer in China. We have not been only recognized in our home country but are also familiar in world countries where we export our main manufactured China tempered glass and laminated glass. We have been producing and supplying high class of glass products to our clients belong from various world regions.

We are professional makers of tempered glass and laminated glass specially and our all glass products are being admired in our targeted countries where we export our top class glasses made in various categories. We stand firm among other tempered glass producers and have created our fair name among them. We are famous for our various types of glasses that are providing effective services where they use and install them.

Our company made glasses is productively for using them in various applications. These glasses are found good to be using with wood and metal furniture. These glasses provide best interior designing, decoration and wall decoration when used in any showrooms. Even, these glasses are favorable to use as exterior of the building that can be commonly seen on various skyscrapers. These tempered glasses are best for using them in household appliances, offices, malls, and capsule elevators.

Zhangjiagang Hesheng Glass Co holds prominent value as laminated glass supplier among our clients and we serve specified glass products with quality. Thus, we have built an outstanding importance in producing our quality glasses that are admired by our customers.